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Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 8: Tolerance


Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 8: Tolerance is the ability to create a space for quality interaction with others. True tolerance is about respecting and accepting difference. It is the realization that there is no need to control people and circumstances to make things go right, nor is there a need to become subservient and co-dependent in pleasing others. Time, intention and other factors play their parts in life. When we understand this, we can be truly tolerant.

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 7: Forgiveness

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 7:


Forgiveness seems hard, yet it is a cherished aspiration which enables us to experience ultimate freedom. Forgiveness draws the soul to the present and puts it face to face with its past. The past says: “you have things to settle.” The present says: “you are living in the now; you are free.” Forgiveness is to break free from the chains of the past, step out of the box of ego and choose to love unconditionally.

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 6: Letting Go

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 6:


Letting go is that liberating feeling of returning to one’s true essence and authentic self. There is an immaculate eternal and constant space within the soul hidden under different appearances. In that space there is truth and freedom. Let go and free yourself from the layers that cover that true self and you will uncover the secret of a life of fullness.

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 5: Courage

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 5:


Courage is the ability to pursue dreams, no matter what. The essence of courage is conviction: conviction in our emerging aspirations and a deep understanding of why we are choosing a particular course of action. The greatest courage is to discern and decide to eliminate the darkness that comes in myriad forms from our own characters, and to illuminate the light of our strengths with humility.

Making Peace with Non-Violence Day 4: Enthusiasm

Day 4: Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm is a creative, benevolent, and uplifting spiritual energy. Its origin comes from the Greek ‘en Theos’ meaning ‘in God’. Enthusiasm opens windows of opportunity, exposing new perspectives, and letting in new zeal and optimism. Enthusiasm raises perception to such an extent that everything feels possible. This is how miracles happen.