Having an Auntie – is a blessing

Many of us including myself have had the privilege to grow up under the watchful eyes of our aunties, sister of our dad and/or mom. The playful and joyful early education that came from being in her company, is always remembered as a blessing. I also remember the quote of Dr. Truglio, who went on to say, “An auntie is not a teacher. An auntie is all about quality time – and really, time to play”. Going to my auntie’s place always seemed easy. I believe this might be the reason that, when someone is embarking on a difficult task, the expression generally used is, “it is not like going to your auntie’s home”. The life experiences shared by my auntie, be it in regards to education, career, or settling in life were always enriching, especially coming from a joint family my mum would never have enough time for these conversations. When my mom said NO! my auntie said YES!! The warmth of an auntie’s love provides another stable, secure place to sort out life. We don’t always accept and appreciate this within ourselves, but no child ever suffered from too much love that they receive being nieces and nephews, as auntie’s love is unlimited but also full of genuine concern and caring. This is another reason I guess they use this expression in the place from where I come (Maharashtra, India) in Marathi language it says, “maay maro pan mavshi jago”, which means even if you don’t have a mother, or if the mother passes away…. you should have an auntie, only an auntie can love you like the mother.
​Auntie Bettie Narayain, personifies these attributes to the highest degree. She recognized the significance of this relationship, the role that auntie’s love plays in anyone’s life, she celebrated the relation by her gentle presence and loving, caring, ever-enthusiastic nature. She was very aware and intentional about it, and created space in the lives of many souls across the globe for this love-filled relationship, which allowed her to bring millions of them close to our eternal Father. – Tina Agarwal, Brahma Kumaris USA

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