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New Year’s Message

31 December 2015

Dear friends,

Greetings of peace at the dawn of the new year. These times are such that we are all touched by situations that cause sorrow and disheartenment. When we encounter these situations, and when our friends and relatives experience disheartenment, we feel inspired to serve and support.

To prepare ourselves to serve when we are needed, we have to spend more time in silence. In silence our spiritual awareness allows us to see beyond the discomfort of the moment to the deeper and more persistent truths of inner peace, unconditional love and deep happiness. We find we can speak less, and spread vibrations of happiness through our attitude and our drishti.

At this transition from the old year to the new one, find the time to hear the sound of silence. Keep the whole world in front of you, and send vibrations of peace to the human family and to our common home.

With love and good wishes for the year ahead,

Sister Mohini, Sister Jayanti and the Call-of-the-Time team

Gayatri, Judy, Julia, Luciana, Pratibha, Rita, Sigrun, Thor