A New Book Dedicated To Dadi Janki

“You are a blessing and a precious gift –
a bright and beautiful light to the world.
We are honored to be part of this book
And share in your life’s work.”

(Peter Vegso and Kelly Johnson)


“FEELING GREAT – Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Contentment” has been launched this month, April by Health Communications, Inc. (www.hcibooks.com) under the Self- elp/Inspiration genre. Authored by Peter Vegso, Dadi Janki, and Kelly Johnson the books explores the experience of feeling great.

The authors chose to use their personal experiences as entry points into the exploration of “Feeling Great.” The experiences focus on a ‘high point’ and that became a living memory moving through the territory of their lives.

“In that experience, I was filled with the sensation of being with God … of having truly found God.” (Dadi Janki)

“When I opened my eyes, I seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, then I realized I was not on the ground but on a cloud, and looking into a bright calm ahead. I felt hopeful – great even – yet I distinctly sensed that I was no longer in my own body.” (Peter Vegso)

“This was a whole new and terrifying experience – my natural resilience and independence were gone. Feeling physically and emotionally disconnected, pure fear led me to reach out for something that would ground me – something that I had nudged into the margins of my life years before.” (Kelly Johnson)

Reading this book, the metaphor that I am left with is the sun. “Feeling Great” is like the sun and the virtues described so practically are like its rays. There is a certain subtle warmth in the authors’ hearts and souls that accompanies the reader making it an easy and meaningful read.

“Feeling Great” is all about flourishing, and there is no better time to flourish than now – Spring! To read more visit www.hcibooks.com .

Gayatri Naraine

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