“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”
― Rabindranath Tagore


“Amrit” means nectar and “vela” means time. Amritvela is the time that connects the cycle of 24 hours. The time of the early hours when night of darkness meets the day of light, the dawn. This meeting point of darkness and light is a transformative period of nature and is referred to as Brahma Muhurat. It is the special time set aside for practitioners seeking to transform consciousness. It is the time of natural silence and so offers itself to the experience of easy attainments. The apron of the intellect is open to receiving subtle spiritual wisdom, and the lines of elevated destiny are drawn directly by God. Amritvela is considered as blessed time. It is when time itself cooperates to fulfill the desires of the mind with little effort on the part of the aspirant. It is a time of less expenditure and more splendor.

For a Raja Yogi, getting up at amritvela is very important, and proper attention should be paid to understanding the properties of this time and using it in an accurate way. The atmosphere at this time is very powerful. It is only of yoga – the connection of the natural silence of nature to the silence of souls. In this atmosphere of unlimited silence, it is possible to have new experiences. Souls are in a state of solitude at this time, either sleeping or waking up to an activity done in solitude. Amritvela is the most auspicious time to be in solitude with the One and to go into the depths of One.

Time is at its sweetest at amritvela, and once the habit is formed, getting up is not done out of force, out of discipline, or out of an obligation to please God. Amritvela is for the meeting of the hearts and to experience true spiritual love in remembrance of God. It is the time for receiving blessings, not for making efforts.


As soon as the soul opens the eyes, what is its first awareness? Who is it that comes to the mind’s eye? Whom does the soul meet with its first thought? Your day begins with that very first thought. That first thought is foundational to the quality of thinking for the rest of the day. The suggested elevated thought should be: “I have incarnated from the Home of Peace. I, the soul, am about to meet the One.” Then, in a second, get up and sit down with Baba as His dearly beloved child thinking that “I am about to talk with Baba, my Friend, with great sweetness. Baba, my Friend, is offering me the throne of all rights.” Speak to Baba with full authority, as the one with all rights.


These first thoughts create a transformation in the awareness of the soul.
Firstly by remembering “I am a soul. I am not this body.” This is transformation of being in the consciousness of the soul and not of the body. This first thought is having authority over the self and being in the awareness of the soul. This very powerful thought is the basis for all elevated thoughts, words, and actions, and lays the foundation of soul consciousness for the whole day.

Secondly, “To whom do I belong? With whom do I have all relationships? From whom do I receive all achievements?” This is transformation from relationships of the body to relationships of the soul. In the consciousness of being a soul, the realization is that all relationships are with only One, and each relationship with the One brings a new achievement. This is spiritual belonging. It fills the soul with great power, and the soul is able to experience the highest stage of benefit in the form of subtle feelings of love directly from the Mother and Father.


There is a subtle energetic connection to the total experience of amritvela. The foundation of the silence present at amritvela is experienced as if God Himself is working with time to strengthen the energy of soul and matter. The time is considered as special, auspicious, beneficial, elevated, transformative, and almost timeless. When the soul’s form is the same as the Supreme Soul, then the virtues will also be the same; so there are certain essential forms that the soul adopts in order to receive naturally with unlimited capacity. The early morning hours offer fortune embedded within every second, and the soul’s spiritual fortune is restored through the awakening of its innate divine virtues. The early morning hours set the foundation for the entire day, and the subtle fulfillment received at this time sustains the soul as a “karma yogi.”

Subtle Framework – Foundation, Form, Fortune, Fulfillment

Example 1
Foundation: With gentle persuasion, Baba awakens the soul with the soft, musical whisper of “sweet child” and places the child into His lap – the swing of alokik, or spiritual, attainment – joy, happiness, and comfort. With appreciation, Baba sees the specialty of each child – his virtues and service – and makes the specialties imperishable by shedding light into the awareness of the child of his own specialty.
Form: The soul awakes in the morning remembering this particular form of being God’s child. As the child remembers the Father, she experiences the intellect becoming focused and still, ready to have a loving conversation with Baba.
Fortune: Baba is present for a personal heart-to-heart conversation with each soul individually. He is free to speak to each one to their heart’s content. He is free to listen to their requests. However, many souls say that they don’t know how to speak to the spiritual Father from the heart. The soul needs to be stable in the consciousness of the soul for there to be sweetness in spiritual conversation. If the connection is broken again and again because of disturbance within the intellect, then this will prevent the soul from feeling the sweetness that comes from conversation with Baba.
Fulfillment: The power accumulated at amritvela in the relationship of child and Father manifests in the following ways: being a Godly student and imbibing the teachings with concentration and attention; being a karma yogi and connecting each action to shrimat, God’s directions; being in the consciousness of a trustee and earning one’s livelihood; being in relationships with others but staying in the remembrance of Father and having a vision of brotherhood; and living in the impure atmosphere of the iron age and remaining detached and loving. If there is weakness in experiencing the form of being a child at amritvela, then this becomes the reason for one’s remembrance coming into a state of decline in relation to the variety of actions performed throughout the day.

Example 2
Foundation: Baba invokes the angelic form of light of each soul into the subtle region and brings her face to face with Him. He nurtures the soul with His own special pure thoughts, and the soul receives the total spiritual nourishment of renewal and resilience. He understands the weaknesses of each one and fills the souls with “shakti,” spiritual power. He removes the negative tendencies and forgives numerous forms of sins.
Form: Being in the consciousness of its angelic form, the soul dances in happiness and joy to the rhythms of God’s special pure thoughts. And no matter what other thoughts may come to interrupt or disturb, the soul’s happiness finishes these off. On the basis of just one second’s experience during amritvela, it is possible to be the embodiment of experience and to have attainments inculcated. The soul is able catch the pure thoughts of special signals from the Father each day.
Fortune: Baba, as the Bestower of Blessings, provides unconditional access to His treasures. He bestows as much blessings as each soul can take. Without effort, each one can attain limitless treasures as He opens the door to the overflowing treasure store. The mine of all virtues, the mine of all powers, and the mine of secret methods are easily accessible at that hour.
Fulfillment: The angelic consciousness enables the soul to recognize the subtleties behind the intentions before deciding on what particular quality is most suitable for which occasion and the accurate action that is most appropriate for any given situation. Before performing an action, the soul will prepare itself and be stable in the quality and form according to the need of time, and this becomes the basis for achievement.

Example 3
Foundation: To increase the capacity of the soul, Baba gives each child the lift of the divine intellect as a gift. This gift is used to travel through consciousness using silence, movement, and sound as a foundation for transformation. By using this gift as a lift, it is possible for one to experience any world or any region – the sweet silent home, the subtle region of pure thoughts and feelings, or the elevated spiritual life of the world of actions and relations. There is a special method to use this lift. It is by being very careful in the early morning hours that one turns on the switch of soul consciousness accurately. Form: On the forehead of a Raja Yogi, there are three dots. Each dot signifies a different type of consciousness: self, Father, knowledge of the three worlds. To have the three types of consciousness means to be the embodiment of an all-powerful consciousness. Every day at amritvela, these three dots should be checked.
Fortune: Baba fulfills all the fruits that the mind desires at this time. At this time, wherever one would like to meet Baba, however one wants to sit and speak with Baba, in whatever way one wants Baba to fulfill the sweetness of relationships, whatever experiences of easy method and attainment that one seeks – all of these and more are readily available.
Fulfillment: In front of the all-powerful consciousness of the three dots, Maya in the form of waste thoughts and negative actions will end, and the five forms of Maya – lust, attachment, anger, ego, greed – will become subservient and come before the soul as five servants. The soul will witness transformation of impure into pure in a living way.

Example 4
Foundation: The accuracy of connection results in receiving power from the Powerhouse. The accuracy of the connection is possible with discipline and determination. Amritvela provides the powerful atmosphere for the soul to connect to the Supreme Soul.
Form: When you look at Baba, you try to see Him as a point of light, but without becoming equal to Baba in being a point of light yourself, you are unable to experience a meeting with Him. When you practice how to change your own form to match that of the Father, then your yoga at amritvela will be powerful.
Fortune: Baba celebrates a loving meeting with the soul. This is a meeting of extreme love – the merging of love between the soul and the Supreme Soul. Through this simple meeting, the highest fortune is received.
Fulfillment: Love makes the soul into an embodiment of benevolence whose purpose in life is to bring benefit to others. By being an embodiment of God’s love, the soul becomes like an alchemist’s stone, one who is able to change iron into gold. The soul becomes an instrument to share God’s love with others, thus changing them from being iron-aged, full of sorrow, into golden-aged, full of happiness.


The secret to a powerful amritvela is in the way you prepare yourself the night before. How does the soul complete the day and prepare for the next day’s amritvela? To finish the day just completed and prepare for the next day to come, stabilize yourself in the stage beyond sound.

Check the Self

Was there any disobedience to your authentic, true self that resulted in any carelessness in your behavior or attitude during the course of the day?
Was there a departure from “shrimat,” Baba’s teachings, that prevented the soul from experiencing any relationship with Baba, and which resulted in taking sorrow from human relationships?
After indentifying these, remove their impact from the soul with the fire of yoga. Otherwise, this will prevent the soul from experiencing the sweet meeting with Baba at amritvela the following day.

Have a Heart-to-Heart Conversation with Baba

Every night, become light and put in front of Baba everything that has been done during the day. Understand the principle behind doing this: For every good action, Baba will reserve for you one hundred thousandfold return. If there has been any waste action, then by speaking of it, the burden will be removed from the self, and Baba will save the soul from building up a stock of waste for the future. If there has been sin, then on the basis of truth and honesty, merciful Baba will forgive half the punishment, and He will clear the path for the future. The weak intellect will be made powerful. Because this principle is not observed – because there is not obedience in this – this then means that the soul misses the extra help and blessings that would be received by an obedient child. Because the soul has not cleared itself in front of Baba – because there is an account, a burden, that still remains – this then prevents the soul from being able to experience soul consciousness in the early morning hours of nectar. The outstanding account will not allow there to be lightness in the intellect.

So before going to sleep, finish off any old accounts that are remaining — of thoughts, words, actions — with the fire of yoga and with a powerful state of consciousness. Do not keep anything for the next day in the form of debt or disease, as this will make the intellect weak and heavy.

Write a Chart/Keep a Journal

At the end of the day, using the power of knowledge and the power of yoga — with will power and controlling power — keep your register clean. Do not accumulate and carry forward any waste of today, as it will affect tomorrow. Sleep in a state as if nothing of the world is within you — no attractions, no attachments, no regrets, no guilt, and no fears!

Souls with such honesty and cleanliness are loved by God, loved by the people, and loved by themselves. And they are loved by time!


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