The Illusive intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 17


The illuminating intellect remains quietly innocent in its center in equilibrium with the comings and goings of the world. It sight is that which is centered in equanimity. It is balanced in its silence with the understanding there is value revealed in a detached view of everything. It remains free and loving and in this it is self-reliant and honest. The illuminating intellect recognizes the center also to be the highest point to view life from. From this position it not only provides light for its own sight, it also allows light for the clear vision of other. This is not done as a responsibility. It is a benefit of being centered, free from the influence of the storms, as is the eye of a hurricane. The illuminating intellect is centered in the silent beauty of the company of the light of it-self. It is free to be that which it is.

The illusive intellect is fickle, unsure of itself and in need of recognition; its vision is unstable and blurred. It will even sometime see its own shadow as light as it constantly looks backward, not forward. It becomes blind based on it insecure need for attention and recognition, and therefore almost always coming under the influenced of everything around it. Silence is not a feature of the illusive intellect, for it has not yet found the silence provided by the company of being itself. It searches outwardly for what is inward, no further away than that which lies silently and lovingly within it-self. Without the security of the silent self arrogance, doubt, fear, and worry take hold and create frighten sounds like the winds of a hurricane. This can drive the illusive intellect further away from it-self, to seek solace away from the eye, its true nature. It is always moving, running, in search for its point of orientation; which is it-self. The illusive intellect is not free, for it knows not what it is.

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