The illusive intellect and the illuminating intellect – Round 12


The illusive intellect loves to multitask. It is convinced that it can engage in several tasks at the same time promising the best result for each task. The more tasks at hand, the more extrovert the intellect becomes, absorbing the vibrations emanating from people and from the atmosphere. These gross vibrations form a cloud around the intellect robbing it of its clarity. The illusive intellect is deceived by its own lack of clarity and not by others!

The illuminating intellect is introverted and it loves to be in solitude. Just as an inventor stays in complete solitude in order to create an invention, so too the illuminating intellect stays in solitude and concentrates in the depths of ONE. The illuminating intellect removes its attention from external attractions and from the pulls of people. It goes beyond the surrounding vibrations in the atmosphere. In solitude the illuminating intellect is focused and is in a state of balance — an embodiment of experience and a detached observer.

1 thought on “The illusive intellect and the illuminating intellect – Round 12

  1. Tina Agarwal

    This is really interesting to know… that multitasking is the love of illusive intellect, I used to always sort of blame myself for not being able to do multitasking…. as that is so much need of the time, but now I know… why I cannot do multi-tasking! Thanks for sharing….quite enlightening!


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