The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 11


The perceptions and conclusions of an “illusive” intellect can be powerful but temporary and capable of only limited sustenance. Although its imges are attractive, seductive, and addictive they cannot bring permanent happiness, peace nor contentment because they are rooted in material and finite elements. Like a display of fireworks, an “illusive” intellect can overwhelm, but its dazzle fizzles out as soon as it reaches its peak. It lacks sustaining power because it is imprisoned in the self.

The “illuminating” intellect speaks in a “still, small voice” but because it steadily grows from the seed of God and Truth, it is firmly rooted in what is eternal and immortal. Although its “still, small voice” oftentimes gets drowned in the blare of self-publicity and commercialism, its authority and rightfulness will ultimtely prevail. The “illuminating” intellect draws its power from God and although the search for the Father can be elusive, the “illuminating” intellect is never discouraged from seeking the Truth which becomes its foundation for complete faith in God.

Submitted by Leticia Shahani, Philippines

2 thoughts on “The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 11

  1. Prasanna

    Beautiful GatatriBehn, so true ..the thoughts if yours are so easy to relate to and so east to put in practice .. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Lakshmi AKella

    It is amazing to see the clarity of your intellect .. Wonderful and am greatful for your insights. Thanks for sharing sis..Lakshmi


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