The illusive intellect and the illuminated intellect – Round 8


The illusive intellect is “I, me, my, mine.” It is egocentric and self-centered, and lives in a small world of self-gratification and self-indulgence. It tends not to care for the needs and feelings of other people, and is concerned solely with one’s own desires, interests, and hopes. No matter how much one has, its selfish desires drive it to hanker for more and more, thus succumbing to the pride of being an exclusive enjoyer.

The illuminating intellect understands the law of balance. It has mastered the art of moving from the narrow limits of self-gratification to the broader landscape of self-contentment. It operates from the principle that to sustain the fulfillment of one’s own needs lies in fulfilling the needs of others, and that the urge to take must be balanced by the wish to give.

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