The illusive intellect and the illuminating intellect – Round 7


The illusive intellect is manipulative. It moves and controls in a skillful way for a particular purpose. It clings to past memories, people, and possessions. In so doing, it can hurt others, harm relationships, and cause violence.

The illuminating intellect is trusting. It sees the drama of life as a sequence of many scenes. Each scene is revealing a secret, and unfolding a significance. The illuminating intellect knows when to be a detached observer, and when to act. It is guided by pure intentions and clean motives. It is non-violent by nature.

5 thoughts on “The illusive intellect and the illuminating intellect – Round 7

  1. Carmen Roca

    I found of particular interest your link between trust and the sequence of scenes in the drama of life, on the stage of our world. One should trust that all scenes reveal a particular significance. I guess trust is also important because in some scenes, the revelation of the secret or significance does nor happen right away, but later in time. Pure intentions and motives are usually such, that one can read them in the persons who have them, they are transparent.
    Thank you once again for sharing, very very appreciated.

  2. Donna

    There is a blatant honesty here. Recognizing when you are illusive intellect and when you are illuminating intellect. Hopefully, we lean more toward illuminating. The Illusive intellect is a dishonesty deep within us that we really don’t want around anymore but it just keeps popping it’s head up to remind us there is still work to do. We get trapped in what we thought was us and what is us when challenges come. The material and the physical, is like an open invitation for illusive. Just like we have a choice of being soul conscious or unconscious. If we change the triggers challenging us, we change our reactions thus enabling us to move toward the illuminating intellect and staying there without fluctuating.

  3. Gokul

    This is turning out to be addictive. Every time I read I get the image of our Dadi’s in front of me.

  4. Neeti

    This is a deep study in relationships, and it is quite amazing to read the depth of your articulation in explaining . Truly amazing!!


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