The Wonder of Dadi Janki


Dadi Janki epitomizes idealism, courage, endurance, and sacrifice. She gives her all, renounces all comforts, responds to God’s call at every moment, and remembers Him with her every breath. She pushes the boundaries of possibilities, demanding victory at all levels — body, mind, heart, and soul! She nurtures a global spiritual family through succeeding generations with her dedication of purpose, nobility of character, and capacity for compassion. She serves to strengthen the resilience of individual souls, and encourages their collective contribution to fulfill Baba’s vision of a golden-aged world. Her watchwords are: bhavna from a generous heart, truth from the realizations of personal experiences, and transformation of nature through honesty and unshakeable faith.

Her face is beatific. She is someone who reflects the virtues of God by giving value to and uplifting others through her drishti.

She is the Dadi of people from all corners of the world, who take her to their hearts with trust and fondness. She, in turn, embraces the different personalities and shapes them in her heart into a unified whole. She always sees us as more than the sum of our contradictions. She gives hope, consolation, and strength to carry on. She holds us together by the strong and invisible threads of her bhavna.

Dadi Janki occupies a place that is hers alone; she is a person who is most loved and has attracted such adulation. She is the number one loved soul in the world! She is the best kept wonder of the world!

Dadi Janki is like a myth and at the same time a living Shakti. In her simple sari, she is like a rainbow rising up to brilliant white. Her words shine through the clean vessel of her intellect like a pot of gold. She is very real, present, and pervasive.

Dadi Janki has made a “tryst with destiny” to be immortal, eternal, and imperishable.

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