The Illusive intellect and the Illuminating intellect – Round 5


The illusive intellect is trapped by the physical senses, and the material world influences it to such an extent that it has become a puppet in the hands of matter. It operates counterclockwise — always looking at the past to see the present and in so doing is unable to discern the illogical from the logical, the incoherent from the coherent, and the irrational from the rational.

The illuminating intellect is connected to an inner solitude of divine insights and spiritual intelligence. It is the intellect of the wise that moves clockwise and is able to link the three aspects of time. The illuminating intellect is unlimited. It knows how to free itself from the chains of the past. The illuminating intellect is broad. It realizes the present as the moment to unleash potential. The illuminating intellect is far-reaching. Its focus is on the horizon of possibilities that shape the future.

6 thoughts on “The Illusive intellect and the Illuminating intellect – Round 5

  1. bimla melwani

    After reading several times, I find myself to possess ‘both’ intellects, going from one to another. There is a need to be more mindful where I am and go to the right one.

  2. Krishna Naraine

    Notwithstanding your argument, the scientific intellect and the spiritual intellect are closely connected since both excel in an environment of silence. It is therefore easy for a scientist to transcend into spiritual thought since deep silence is in fact his comfort zone.

  3. Monique

    The Intellect and the movement : I like this connection. Looking at the past or letting the future happen, this provides a concrete criteria for both intellects.

  4. Tina Agarwal

    First I say, “Thank You” for the opportunity to churn on this subject, I really found this topic very interesting, one of my spiritual aims is to have extremely pure and parasbhudhi (alchemist intellect)… just like Mama had and I have looked into this topic quite often but may be not to this depth as I did this time when I received your email. I am sharing my thoughts on the same, I loved the images that you have used to portray stone intellect versus divine intellect. Also loved the concept of clockwise and anti-clockwise intellect, could have never imagined that it could be described in this way too.

    Illuminated intellect is also called power of wisdom, power of dharna, power of third eye.
    Introversion is the best quality, in other words can be called as Silence, where intellect knows what I need to do Now, where illuminated intellect is engaged in an active process of building a relationship with the self.
    Here the apron of intellect is not just clean and pure but also one without any holes (no doubts)
    Illuminated intellect is like gold where it is not affected by any vibration, any atmosphere, any situation, basically not influenced by any kind of attraction, rejection, impressions and feels very grounded. The illuminated intellect is clear about its path, the intellect knows that I am in the world, is very much aware of milk and water and the intellect can separate the milk from the water. Illuminated intellect becomes filter to the self.
    Sometimes the illuminated intellect works in a choice-less state, for example, the intellect chooses to be honest and then honesty becomes a choice-less state, so no longer it will think whether I should be honest or not. Faith, again for example is a choice-less state, where the intellect has no choice but to have faith on the object of its faith.
    Illuminated intellect will make you do the right thing even when no one is seeing so it is not dependent on anything to be righteous.
    The illuminated intellect has the understanding to know the significance of the connections, which an illusive intellect can miss, then may it be connection between people, places, or moments.
    The illuminated intellect knows how to inspire and for accomplishment of any task knows to offer mantra which is much faster than the rules and regulations that might be presented by the illusive intellect.

    Illusive intellect:
    Here you feel everything is fine, but as you mentioned it is an illusion sometimes, because we want to keep ourselves in our own comfort zones. It is like the mouse who finds a small piece of turmeric and thinks of himself to be a grocer. The illusive intellect becomes a lawyer for our own weaknesses. The emotions, likes (favoritism, attachment, possessiveness, certain likings), dislikes (bitterness, pain), desires, memories of past deflect the center point in the balance and therefore the illusive intellect is unable to evaluate accurately.
    The illusive intellect often works on choices and usually it chooses the easier path, the less difficult one, where it gives itself an alternate again for example, should I say the truth or not.

    Theoretical physicists do not work with matter but with theoretical mathematics, where they understand that brain is not a lump of matter but it is affected vibrationally and can change itself, and further they believe that even the DNA changes, so the concept of DNA being the secret of life is no longer substantial, DNA is just the mechanism to express the genes. DNA is like a unique barcode, downloading information into our cells, however, our thoughts, feelings create a vibrational message that can bring about a change in your DNA, therefore, cells can be reprogrammed by strengthening the brain by embracing good pure positive thoughts and feelings. And it is in the brain that consciousness is present, so thought you might like this, hence sharing!

    And Sister Gayatri, these days my effort is to be reaction-free, in other words I am making effort to see myself constantly accepting of every scene of drama with lot of grace and in doing so I am able to maintain my royalty, few days back I came up with this poem, just thought of sharing with you, was inspired by a class that I heard on jewels.

    I have the faith that You are on my side my Baba,
    and I am flowing with the flow,
    With complete acceptance of every scene of world drama,
    I am flowing with the flow,
    With absolute no complaints or resistance,
    I am flowing with the flow,
    Knowing deep within that You have bigger plans for me,
    I am flowing with the flow,
    With absolute faith, knowing that I am never alone and You are always here for me,
    I am flowing with the flow,
    Hundred percent sure that You will never give me an experience that is not needed for my growth, I am flowing with the flow,
    And I know You will guide me through the cycle, making me worthy enough, leading me beyond the physical, towards You, I am flowing with the flow.

  5. Budbeer.

    It’s illuminating just reading the article. My mind, thought and soul are trying to connect the dots. Thanks again. Enjoying the comments.


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