The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 4


The illusive intellect can appear to be mind-boggling. It has a very powerful and overwhelming affect on the mind. Situations impact the intellect in a number of different ways and the intellect is drawn to and overpowered by the situation. It is as if the intellect becomes the situation. According to the state of the intellect, thoughts are generated at a rapid rate. This makes the mind work at very high speeds of stimulation and excitement, driven by a variety of different quality of thoughts, but with little sense of direction and control.

The illuminating intellect works like a powerful brake. It can put a stop to thoughts, even at their most extreme, in a second. For example, in the military someone may be running as fast as he can, but when the martial order is given to stop, he has to stop in that instant. The illuminating intellect works in the same way at a subtle level, putting a stop to the expansion of thoughts. It goes beyond the waves of numerous thoughts and stabilizes on one foundational thought. This foundational thought builds capacity. Just as the intellect has the ability to control the physical body, the illuminating intellect has the capacity to control the subtle energy of thoughts and to bring them from expansion into essence. The intellect stabilizes and controls the flow of thoughts, giving the mind space to rethink.

3 thoughts on “The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 4

  1. Budbeer Naraine

    Our aperture can aid us in the amount of light we see and how bright is the illumination. Time remains still while we are deciphering the intellect we have obtained.
    Our prism changes what we see and the code within shows us the identity of individuals.
    Our frequency of light waves within us need the energy to survive the darkness that surrounds us.
    I need that illumination to keep me going and all sources need that to see the dark matter that exist.
    The truth stands, with love at its side and for us to share.

  2. Divya

    Thank you Sr. Gayatri. These series of comparisons between the illusive and illuminated intellect with different analogies are very interesting. As your pictures aptly depict the illusive intellect is like letting yourself be driven in an auto mode with out any safety brakes. Accidents are bound to happen through our actions in that state of mind (as we lack clarity). Whereas the illuminated intellect retains control so the journey of life is safe and enjoyable.

  3. moe prashad

    Thought provoking!! The illusive intellect possibly shows a sense of danger, not as much control, and can continue in any direction unless stimulated to stop?


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