The Illusive Intellect & the Illuminated intellect – Round 3


The illusive intellect is complicated. It is stirred by and attracted to the inexplicable. The more complications there are, the more the intellect defies easy solutions while baffling efforts to comprehend. It is drawn to control and to conquer.

The illuminated intellect is full of exciting wonder, curiosity, and surprise. It understands truth as clear and simple. It dances in happiness with the power of truth. Truth never shakes; it is unshakeable. The intellect that has faith in the truth never wilts, is never confused, afraid, or weak, and has the power to face. The praise for such an intellect is: the boat of truth rocks, but can never sink.

2 thoughts on “The Illusive Intellect & the Illuminated intellect – Round 3

  1. Gokul

    Wonderful series Gayatri ben,
    This reminds me of Bhagvad Gita Chapter 13 Verse 17
    Jyotisam api taj jyotis tamasah paramachyute
    Gyanam Gneyam Gyanagamyam hrudi sarvasya vishistatam.

    The light of all lights, He is said to be beyond darkness; knowledge, the knowable, the goal of knowledge, seated in the hearts of all.

    Even though it was mentioned for the Supreme, I take it, as for all the illuminated souls.

    Keep them coming.

  2. BKD

    Recently I experienced many life-changing situations. I was feeling somewhat as though the rug had been pulled out from under me, or so I thought. What was getting pulled from me was ego, a feeling of ‘This is what I must do,’ a feeling of something or someone had deserted me. Make a plan, stand on my feet and this too shall pass. And my life as I knew it had changed. I lost everything but I will survive. OH, poor me. This was the attitude of a very limited, needy and panicked intellect.

    Then someone said to me. “Do you think God would desert you after all the service you have done for Him?” Now I understand what she meant. All of these things had to leave me and it’s O.K. I had to make room for the things that really mattered which I was not giving much thought to. I had to look at the “stuff” in me that my limited self was made of. I was preoccupied with “me, me, me.” All the knowledge I had accumulated went somewhere to rest. Not leave, just rest. There was no room for it. There was just room for me and all my consuming dramas.

    I made material plans, all kinds of plans for my life. “This is what I will do.” Oh, no that’s not how it works at all. The best way to describe it was my illusive intellect formulated illusive plans and proceeded to leave my lips to share in this limited desperation of limited solutions and desires into someone else’s ear. Why not share it? Share the joy. I needed someone to say, “O.K., that’s a great idea.” I was seeking limited approval. That’s what it’s about, or so I thought.

    Then, eventually the answer came. That’s not it at all. I needed to move out of a very “cushy” situation and stand on my own feet again. Old behavior had to change. Seclusion. But this time go deeper than I ever have before. I moved, and spent lots of time in silence. I depended on no one but the one source of my wellbeing: God. Connection. I did not want to leave that space. I had a few body disturbances but it was all O.K. I just had to undo everything I had created in my body and my intellect. Nothing serious, but it took a moment longer to linger and consume than it would have.. Everything had to surface and leave in its own time. It was as though my soul was being cleansed and it felt amazingly good. I felt a strong sense of “This is it!” I just had to realize and trust and surrender to it, no matter what the outcome was. Old behavior had to leave. I was ready to release it. I didn’t have to hear only good news anymore. I needed change deep inside me. I was ready: no attachments to anyone but the one source.

    I removed myself from everyday habits and commitments to spend that time with myself. I felt full and pure happiness renew itself. I need nothing else. The silence keeps pulling me back. My intuition has never been so on. My touchings with others have been fine- tuned. My connection is taking me deeper and my study takes me beyond words. A familiar source is renewing me. What I thought was a plan for my life really had nothing to do with my life at all. Spiritually I was filling myself with clarity. That is my life. The conditioned illusion means nothing. My life has a greater purpose. When you move in the direction your soul path leads you, everything fits in its path. The path becomes easy. Finances and decisions are taken care of and truthfully don’t really matter. I, a soul, have nothing to worry about. Worry was consuming me for no reason; it was just a learned, conditioned response. It has nothing to do with me at all.

    Alas, my golden intellect is waiting to receive far more than I ever have before. I have established a very clear, clean connection with no interference. My soul and my body are free to pick up a loving charge of protection and unlimited trust from my eternal source to surrender to it, and void that which I had known and took into my life for all those years. This is who I am most definitely.


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