The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminated Intellect — ROUND 1

The ILLUSIVE intellect creates a mirage.   It makes something seem real when it actually does not exist.  It is like sand and water sparkling and shining like silver, creating an illusion, and a deception.  There is a story of a deer that was thirsty and ran towards what it thought was water and became trapped in the quicksand.  The illusive intellect is attracted to the instant gratification of many mirages.

The ILLUMINATED intellect is like an apron filled with the jewels of spiritual wisdom.  It is clean, clear, and transparent.  It is far-reaching and has the ability to see and accept things for what they are from near and far.  It is able to discern image from reality and is not influenced by first impressions.  

 “I am interested in your comments and stories related to the intellect and the way it works.  Please click ‘leave a reply’ link to share your comments and stories”

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