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The Illusive intellect and the Illuminating intellect – Round 5


The illusive intellect is trapped by the physical senses, and the material world influences it to such an extent that it has become a puppet in the hands of matter. It operates counterclockwise — always looking at the past to see the present and in so doing is unable to discern the illogical from the logical, the incoherent from the coherent, and the irrational from the rational.

The illuminating intellect is connected to an inner solitude of divine insights and spiritual intelligence. It is the intellect of the wise that moves clockwise and is able to link the three aspects of time. The illuminating intellect is unlimited. It knows how to free itself from the chains of the past. The illuminating intellect is broad. It realizes the present as the moment to unleash potential. The illuminating intellect is far-reaching. Its focus is on the horizon of possibilities that shape the future.

The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminating Intellect – Round 4


The illusive intellect can appear to be mind-boggling. It has a very powerful and overwhelming affect on the mind. Situations impact the intellect in a number of different ways and the intellect is drawn to and overpowered by the situation. It is as if the intellect becomes the situation. According to the state of the intellect, thoughts are generated at a rapid rate. This makes the mind work at very high speeds of stimulation and excitement, driven by a variety of different quality of thoughts, but with little sense of direction and control.

The illuminating intellect works like a powerful brake. It can put a stop to thoughts, even at their most extreme, in a second. For example, in the military someone may be running as fast as he can, but when the martial order is given to stop, he has to stop in that instant. The illuminating intellect works in the same way at a subtle level, putting a stop to the expansion of thoughts. It goes beyond the waves of numerous thoughts and stabilizes on one foundational thought. This foundational thought builds capacity. Just as the intellect has the ability to control the physical body, the illuminating intellect has the capacity to control the subtle energy of thoughts and to bring them from expansion into essence. The intellect stabilizes and controls the flow of thoughts, giving the mind space to rethink.

The Illusive Intellect & the Illuminated intellect – Round 3


The illusive intellect is complicated. It is stirred by and attracted to the inexplicable. The more complications there are, the more the intellect defies easy solutions while baffling efforts to comprehend. It is drawn to control and to conquer.

The illuminated intellect is full of exciting wonder, curiosity, and surprise. It understands truth as clear and simple. It dances in happiness with the power of truth. Truth never shakes; it is unshakeable. The intellect that has faith in the truth never wilts, is never confused, afraid, or weak, and has the power to face. The praise for such an intellect is: the boat of truth rocks, but can never sink.

The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminated Intellect — ROUND 2


The ILLUSIVE intellect is maya.  It plays with the mystery of illusion.  Illusion conceals unity and reveals disharmony.  The intellect positions illusion as ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and traps itself in the bog of false promises.

The ILLUMINATED intellect needs silence to go into the depth of the ocean of spiritual understanding.  By being connected to the ‘Source’ of spiritual knowledge, the intellect becomes like a golden vessel that enables the soul to imbibe the truth and remove illusion.   It is said that the milk of a lioness can only be stored in a golden vessel.  For the intellect to become like a golden vessel it needs connection, concentration, and cohesion.

The Illusive Intellect and the Illuminated Intellect — ROUND 1

The ILLUSIVE intellect creates a mirage.   It makes something seem real when it actually does not exist.  It is like sand and water sparkling and shining like silver, creating an illusion, and a deception.  There is a story of a deer that was thirsty and ran towards what it thought was water and became trapped in the quicksand.  The illusive intellect is attracted to the instant gratification of many mirages.

The ILLUMINATED intellect is like an apron filled with the jewels of spiritual wisdom.  It is clean, clear, and transparent.  It is far-reaching and has the ability to see and accept things for what they are from near and far.  It is able to discern image from reality and is not influenced by first impressions.  

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