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‘Shanti’ is silence. ‘Shanti’ is peace.

I say let us take this moment of ‘shanti’ Silence, and focus on ‘shanti’ Peace!

A few years ago, I had the honor of interviewing Robin Ludwig, who worked at the United Nations for many years in various capacities, one of which was the Deputy Director of the International Year of Peace in 1986. This interview was featured in “Experiments in Silence” the Journal of The Call-of-the-Time Dialogue.

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September 11: National Day of Service and Remembrance

Rumi Goes To Washington

He couldn’t find a place to tie his camel when a quiet man in a uniform took the reins and showed him inside. He sat for the longest time on a sofa staring at the enormous chandelier. So many jewels, he thought, each like a soul God has placed on Earth and scattered. He felt the chandelier was a message, saying without saying, “When you can come together like this, your love will conquer gravity and you will hover like this enormous, glittering light.” Just then, a pretty young woman asked if he wanted to register. He wasn’t sure what that meant but he went along. In the days that followed, he kept seeing the many jewels scattered.

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